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Knowing How Locks Work

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We all know that locks are for ensuring safety in the house. They are a device that restricts access to valuables, keeping them protected at all times. While many people use high-level locks for their priceless possessions, there are others who invest in them to protect their homes. Locks are perfect for doors, windows, and all other entry points like the garage.Knowing How Locks Work

Locks work by sealing and preventing access or entry to something that requires protection, e.g. properties, valuables, and others. Mechanical locks are fitted to the structure and are composed of two physical parts that are separated from each other. The first part is installed on a sturdy structure like a door and the second part is fitted into a hole in the door, which is known as a Mortice. It usually has a metal component that allows users to slide the bolt side to side from the hole, as that in an opening/closing motion. The operation behind it is because of a mechanism that converts the circular motion into a reciprocating motion. The mechanism has fixed metal pieces called tumblers or wards that allow a unique key to open or close the door.

Electronic locks use a plastic card with a magnetic strip.

There are different lock types and the choice of every homeowner depends on the structure of the house and the level of security they prefer. Electronic locks use a plastic card with a magnetic strip. It functions by sliding the card into the lock, whereby the electronic mechanism will read and decode the details on the strip. When it matches the stored information, it will activate and pull the bolt so the door will open or close. Biometric locks, on the other hand, works through fingerprint readers or scanners that let people access the entry point.
For those who prefer less technology in the house, they can opt for the more common kinds like Yale door locks. These locks are suitable for padlocking the gate, a bicycle, or other storage areas in the property.

Door locks play a vital role at home. Without them, there is no sense of security and peace of mind for homeowners. The selection is varied, so it requires the help of professionals to ensure safety in the household premise. If you need assistance in choosing and installing domestic locks, you can get in touch with our experts for quality services.

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