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Home Lockout Dos and Don’ts

Home Lockout Dos and Don’ts
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A home lockout is an embarrassing situation. It could also mean a safety risk, a loophole in your home’s security. If you have locked yourself out of your own property, you probably either left your keys inside your home or you lost house keys entirely. If you do not want to suffer from such a traumatic experience, make sure that you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

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Home LockoutDO: Keep track of where you place your keys. Proper key handling is crucial in avoiding a lockout. You must be mindful where you put your keys and ensure that you have it with you as you leave your house and lock it up.

DON’T: Place your keys in areas where it could be stolen easily. If you do so, you make your home vulnerable to thieves and burglars. Some homeowners, with the intent of having a spare key accessible, keep them in the most obvious places – under the doormat, nearby an unlocked window, etc. Burglars do have the experience to know exactly that you think that way.

DO: Hide away a spare key in a safe place near your home. If you have a trustworthy neighbour or a friend or relative living blocks away, ask them to keep a duplicate key to your home. That is safer than keeping keys in your car.

DON’T: Keep your keys in your car. Like what we said earlier, entrusting your key to a neighbour friend is better than keeping spare keys in a locked car. Cars are easily broken into. If some con artists did break in, they will have access not just in stealing your car per se but getting inside your home unannounced as well.

DO: Lock your doors and windows all the time. Some people, for wanting to avoid the nightmare of a lockout, resort to leaving doors and windows unlocked. This would not help a bit. Instead, it will put your family’s safety at serious risk. You must remember that paying a skilled local locksmith to help you get inside is still cheaper than replacing everything you lost to thieves.

DON’T: Scrimp in quality key services. For all your lock fixes and replacement needs, be sure to call in a trusted, efficient, professional, and prompt domestic locksmith. Locksmith Gerrards Cross offers the best available services that will not only help you strengthen your home’s security but also provide emergency rescue if in case you suffer from a lockout.

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